Sky-High Aquaponics

Our Technology

Sky-High Aquaponics, (SHA)  designed a system capable of farming food crops and fish on a small area of land or inside many buildings. Capitalizing on free vertical space, we've scaled the garden up. Unlike other vertical gardens in operation today, SHA's rotating carousel eliminates the need for scissor lifts and allows workers to keep their feet safely on the ground while producing uniformly.

The tower systems can be set up as stand-alone or be integrated into larger growing spaces. SHA has designed the towers to be durable for operation inside low cost enclosures for as many year-round towers inside; or in existing greenhouses or other indoor space. For use in our own insulated enclosures,  greenhouses or in homes, SHA offers state of the art, low cost LED light fixtures that deliver a uniform light coverage that optimizes growth and development. They actually adjust to hover over the plant canopies on each of up to 16 carriers that rotate without a motor! Just turn a wheel by hand to overcome inertia of the balanced load. Plants get germinated and incubated in special crowded setting off towers until the seedlings are showing roots coming out of the porous 'plugs' that are 1" square at top x 1.5" tall. When mounted in carrier tops with 1" diameter holes over 1/2" of water, the roots are free to grow to till space in the shallow water in which all plants can survive...if they do not run out of water!  By limiting the water for roots to grow, plants accept what is their next task- grow up and hope that water is always adequate. People make that so!  

An integrated fish farming component is available as an additional accessory to SHA's tower systems. Whlle users can grow as many fish - we recommend tilapia as they grow fast, are very efficient converters of mostly soy bean meal into meat, do not mind crowded life and provide liquid and solid waste for us to use as fertilizers. The heavier solid waste sinks into V shaped tank lower profile where perforated pipes can be opened outside of each or a string of tanks that can hold about 80 gallons of water apiece and perhaps 20-50 fish of different sizes. Their waste water is better than man-made fertilizer for plants and the warm water environment is very compatible with nearly all plants that grow from access to it as it is easy to siphon out and flow to be loaded into plant carriers rotated to the low level 'refueling' and watering positions!

Multiple harvests per year are more important to annual production than is the gain from using vertical space that multiplies plant space on average about 2.5 times what can be done outside in dirt for each harvest. But, vertical harvesting comes faster because of seedlings having a head start and also being able to get on the tower at the same time that other plant trays are being removed! No waiting for soil to rest and be restored for the next crop to have a chance against the weather. Our technology works inside a home, if you have at least a 10 to 12 foot ceiling. LED lights are set to run as needed in non-tropical or southern parts of temperate zones. Hybrid systems further North can use Sun in summer months, or just operate in insulated cubes with people able to sit to  let plants come to them rather than climb ladders or use costly lift equipment. Total annual production is hard to match and value per hour of work is phenomenal.