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Our name was invented before the 21st Century let all see how global population expansion makes land cost more and good places to grow food become all but impossible to find. Many herbs and vegetables grow only a matter of inches and mature in a few weeks and thousands of acres are now being covered with tall greenhouses so that with heat/cooling it is possible to grow multiple crops per year on tables or conveyors so as to avoid use of tractors to till, plant, weed, spray and harvest with often illegal immigrant' stoop' labor'.  These large scale 'greenhouses' are costly but reliable, safer from recall losses, and make indoor 'factory farms' able to win with conditions that pass costs on to the consumer.

Our first research goal was to build a machine to use vertical capacity to get more plants growing indoors on tall machines. We left the video here of one such machine that was only 16' tall but we learned that it was too heavy and costly to make and turned from heavy steel to light weight plastic hollow pipe only 11' high. The video of it is next to the one of far more costly steel that is very hard to ship and erect! (link small pics of two videos). In warm climates, it can stand on bare ground without a foundation even where it might freeze as its legs can go down like fence posts to stay erect.


We expect to show in a small city how its citizens can buy from local vendors that use our system to bring highest quality organic foods to a portable kiosk on your path from work to home. (show link to kiosk on road)

Others may want to consider a smaller under 8' size that can deliver 80% of larger's capacity but is 12”  longer, and because it not only fits, but it will control temperature year around and be most convenient.

We have developed a system of growing food crops in rotating carriers on towers that can be used in a variety of environments. Whether you are interested in our technology and would like to purchase your own tower, or you want access to the freshest leafy greens, you have come to the right place! We are able to sell high quality food plants direct from our growing centers via portable kiosks to save your time. Order via our web pages ultimately to perhaps be available very widely and pick-up your direct from farmer to you the package(s) picked for you no more than several hours before you place your order.

But, we will also sell our equipment to those wanting to grow their own with programs that are to be often financed by Foundations anxious to help all be able to grow their own! Some are expected, for qualified applicants to win long term lease – purchase with right to pay off and own faster!

Our towers are made of PVC plastic pipe and nothing is subjected to high speed motions that wear things out! Ordinary gentle care makes it hard to sense long term need for replacement. Basic simplicity makes it difficult to sense obsolescence although we will strive to continue perpetual development to improve. Our LED lights are big winners because their low cost puts grow light close to growing canopy and can move upwards to avoid being too close until harvesting in as little as 28 days and have 13 crops per tower every year.

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Watch a concept tower in rotation!

Watch a concept tower in rotation!

See a video of a concept tower in rotation! Leaf lettuce varieties planted in ...

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Potential Crops

Lettuce Plants

Lettuce Plants

Healthy young lettuce plants ready for transplanting.