Sky-High Aquaponics


Sky-High Aquaponics aspires to innovate and implement vertical farming technologies in ways that facilitate high superior to organic yields at lower costs in every climate and in otherwise difficult growing conditions. Sky-High Aquaponics (SHA) provides the equipment and technological support to expand commercial gardening operations around the world as well as providing a means of self-sufficiency in small communities. SHA is also working to build a network of skyscraper gardens around the world with the intention of establishing sustainable distribution logistics. We believe it is important that people eat fresh food grown locally. Our tower garden technologies allow for fresh produce that is cut to order and available for pick-up locally. By eliminating the need for shipping and storage, we offer “greener” greens. Moreover, our innovative systems significantly decreases resource waste during the growing cycle. Our aquaponic carousel tower is moved by water and efficiently utilizes resources and vertical space to produce food within a small footprint.