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On March 24, 2022, TTI and is Sky High Aquaponics Div. will Open both is Champaign, IL facility and also appear at the Holy Cross school at 410 W. Whie St. to unveil its smaller tower inside the Science Lab provided. The goals for all are the same:

1. Help students before they get to High School understand how God created Eco-Systems that support the life of all plants and animals- from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans the interaction of all life contributes along with the phenomena of nature to balance vital relaionships that allow a degree of normalancy that tends to yield both short and long term results. We at SHA aim to help young minds and old learn how we have ried dto optimize our growing systems to fit into the Creators long-term plan as well as possible to oope with the special relaionship between humans and God's plan. Within some wide boundaries, the Earth has been through a few Eons of time to our simple thinking, and the plaet is still here!  Can we expand the population of our species and provide the needed nurture to prepare as many as possible for the hereafter is a big question for the minds of youth that are not yet adolescents? We are delighted that this new program will help set the course for many young to embrace wha can be learned by using the new technolgy that may well be key to supporting a quality of life that yields a return that is in keeping with the Creators plan.

2. When fullly installed, students will learn by doing far more than assembling additional food growing towers and fish tanks.

Watch a concept tower in rotation!

See a video of a concept tower in rotation! Leaf lettuce varieties planted in an inorganic media bed.